Condo Developments @ Jomtien Beach

Like the Italian Riviera, The Pattaya Riviera is likly Jomtien Beach !
Jomtien Beach a stretch of around 5 Km with nice sandy beach, with a paralell raod, where local poeple and mostly Bangkokians park their car when visiting.
At least in Jomtien you not have to pay a parking fee. Shops opposite the road cater for food and drinks, and on the beach there are massage persons to give massage at the beach for around 300 Baht an hour.
Some of the condominiums at Jomtien Beach, starting at the far end near corner where the famous “Lung Sawai” seafood restaurant is located.
Musselana; an older project just 8 story high, some of the beach side units are over 200sqm and selling around 10 million baht. pure beachfront !
The Number One; Large project under construction, aimed at the Chinese tourist.
Reflection, a large 2 tower project aimed at the affluent Bangkok elite, front tower units are all 218 sqm, with only 2 units per floor, prices are roughly 18 Mil baht onwards for the front tower, the back tower offers small and large units, for every range of budget.
Metro Jomtien, an older project where all units have nice seaview.
Lumpini Park Beach Jomtien, a 3 year old project with 3 towers. Aimed at Bankok holiday maker and marketed mostly in Bangkok Shopping malls.
Aeras, a mid sized project 1 tower
Coconut Beach, an older very small project, but with pool direct in front of the building, with nice seabreeze.
Cetus Beachfront, a project built in 2012, nice layout of the project well thought.
View Talay 8, Solid building but has not much aspiration, standard unit size is 48 sqm, which will double when you combine 2 units. sqm Prices are below the prices of for example Cetus or Aeras. but offer the same or more. worth a look. !
Copacabana Jomtien, very large project under construction, and they are building fast!
Jomtien Plaza
Furthermore there are many projects located at Jomtien Second rd, and a bit furhter down, between Jomtien Second Rd and Sukhumvit Rd.

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